Welcome on homepage firm AQALEX electronic systems !

   Our firm dealt of developing and producing electronic instrument on unchemical modification of water from 1995. We have passed over various phases of development from that year. At first the firm effect as manufacturing partner of others companies. We develop our activities under head AQALEX electronic systems since year 2000. Electronic apparatuses, which we bring on market are admittedly on the top quality. On we bring at a market 26 models of water reformers, begins simple house softener and ends industrial fully electronic devices controled by SIEMENS technologies. The apparatuses take effect of various evolution changes, we constantly develop and improve their. We modify our production needs of market and general development of civilization's surroundings. We don't stay at one place, we constantly develop, technical and qualitative improve our products. Our production, which we operate, was as our products adapted arduous German market. Components use by the producing of devices  are approbation for use in EU. We co-operate with qualified vintage experts, those work is reflected on technical perfection of products. We don't deal with only modification of water. We develop and assemble conception of supplements toward modern electronic systems. Its contains also systems for protection of property – non-standard protection devices. It isn't  serial production, but it's unit construction and individual project designed directly for objective object of protection.

   Ours firm can develop concrete electronic system for individual demand of our customers. Like first we come in a market with digital regulating of  electronic softener, directing control of output signal, as well as internal electronic circuits. We will delight all your suggestive motions and remarks.